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Tuesday 21 September 2021

Unlimited Point of View

Most of you don’t believe that you can get what you really want. When something doesn’t come in the time sequence you have set for it, then you assume it’s not coming.

The hardest part is that you have to learn to wait until it shows up. You are asking the universe to rearrange itself totally. Then when it doesn’t do it in 30 seconds, you think it’s not happening. That keeps it from happening because you have already decided it’s not happening. The universe assumes you don’t want it now.

What do you want? You are confusing the universe. You are asking for something entirely different than what everybody else around you is trying to create. So you are going to have to wait so the universe can adjust some things, so it starts to show up.

If you will wait for it to show up, and as it shows up, go: “Wow! How does it get any better than this?” instead of, “What took so long?” Or “Why didn’t it show up the way I wanted it to?”

The problem is, you have decided how you want it to be, and then when it doesn’t show up exactly that way, you decide you are not getting what you wanted. It may be showing up better than you can request.

You only have a limited point of view. The universe has an unlimited point of view.

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